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On May 12, 2020, my mom passed away from Covid19- she was in a nursing home recovering from a broken hip, but I hadn't been able to see her for 2 months after Gov Walz locked everything down and allowed covid+ into her nursing home. When the nursing home called and said she was in serious decline, I told them to get a mask and gown ready because I’m coming to say ‘goodbye’. They agreed and I was thankfully able to sit with her for a few hours.

Speaking of masks, my dad said he met and fell in love with her when they were both wearing surgical masks working in the operating room back in the day…all he could see were her “sparkling blue eyes.” (She was an emergency room nurse)

One time on her way to Waconia hospital for an early morning shift, she accidentally hit a black lab on Highway 5. She stopped and took the dog to the emergency room to see if they could revive it! (A vet was called and took the dog)

She grew up in Sheyene, North Dakota, rode a horse to school, and loved her siblings Ann, David and Paul. She was kinda hard on me and Sam, but a big softie (IMHO, haha) for her grandkids Tony, Ayden and Ariel.

She loved canned creamed corn, (I hate canned creamed corn) but made the best chicken fried steak and homemade mashed potatoes and gravy.

I'll see you in heaven, mom. Love you more.


susanne aspley
susanne aspley
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susanne aspley
Bilingual Children's Series

2015 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers in Creative Prose

2014 AIGA MN Design Award for I Know how to Ni Hao

 illustrator Lucas Richards

Short stories and poetry

How to make Bosnian Chicken Salad

Hello! America

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No Problem

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Pass the Hot Sauce 

Chapter Two

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