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I had such a rollercoaster ride with this book. Reading it, slamming it shut, then being brave enough to read more only to throw it across the room.

Snowblind by Don Roff is mind blowing.

Disclosure: I met Don a few months ago at a writer’s room gathering in Seattle regarding a new project we are working on. I knew he wrote t’ween ghost stories, as I had bought a few of his books for my son years ago. So, it was great to meet him in person.

Back to the book. It reminded me a bit of the movie, Hannibal Rises, the prequel to Silence of the Lambs. It’s that beautifully scary. Roff uses his own enlistment and service with the 75th Ranger Regiment to make the interactions between the soldiers all too real.

We see the terrifying account of what happened in the ‘house’ - and then we get Staff Sergeant Mulwrey’s background of what happened to his young son. It all comes together as Mulwrey leads his troops on a Alaskan winter survival exercise, except it turns out to be more than just routine. They end up in the ‘house’.

And then ‘it’ hits the fan, so to speak.

“We’re fucked either way.”

“Maybe so. But I’d rather die on my terms, mine, and not somebody else's….”

Yep, realistic characters within believable yet evil situations makes the story terrifying. Who knows what’s really out there.

Snowblind is heartbreaking horror at it’s finest.

The upcoming TV series based on Roff's book, Clare at 16, will be out next year.

Slay Responsibly!

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susanne aspley
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