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War, Literature and the Arts

I attended the War, Literature and Arts conference, "Representing and Remembering War,” held this fall at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. What a great turn out of women war writers! (I’m on the far right.) Thank you Andria for the photo - and much love and God's speed to the female cadet up in the hall reading.

This table of lovely ladies also had their books available after their panel discussion of WRITING FEMINISM IN THE MILITARY COMMUNITY.

They include:

Tracy Crow

(We missed you Jerri Bell:)

Abby E. Murray

The fabulous Mary Doyle

And the amazing Andria Williams

Thank you once again War, Literature and Arts Journal, Jesse Goolsby and the US Air Force Academy for hosting this fun and informative conference:)

susanne aspley
susanne aspley
Book Awards
susanne aspley
Bilingual Children's Series

2015 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers in Creative Prose

2014 AIGA MN Design Award for I Know how to Ni Hao

 illustrator Lucas Richards

Short stories and poetry

How to make Bosnian Chicken Salad

Hello! America

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No Problem

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Pass the Hot Sauce 

Chapter Two

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