MN Invents

March 14, 2016


MN Invents is the first in a series of books which showcase the wonderful history of Minnesota’s culture of innovation and invention. Ranging from Rollerblades, Twister, the pop-up toaster, submarines and of course Spam.


The book was written and designed by Replace, a international award-winning team of artists + writers that specialize in brand design in Minneapolis. The graphic art is amazing, and you can order posters of your favorite invention as well as the book here







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susanne aspley
susanne aspley
Book Awards
Bilingual Children's Series

2015 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers in Creative Prose

2014 AIGA MN Design Award for I Know how to Ni Hao

 illustrator Lucas Richards

Short stories and poetry

How to make Bosnian Chicken Salad

Hello! America

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No Problem

Pass the Hot Sauce 

Chapter Two