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One of Windsor: The Untold story of America's First Witch Hanging

For the past six months I have been helping bring to life Beth Caruso’s new book, One of Windsor, the Untold Story of America’s Witch Hanging. It has been rewarding, often painstaking, sometimes spiritual but extremely worth the wild ride from editing to cover design.

One of Windsor, The Untold story of America’s first Witch Hanging, by Beth M. Caruso, tells the story of the first woman hung as a witch, Alice Young, on May 26, 1647 in Windsor Connecticut.

Using historical facts and a fictional narrative, Alice is conveyed as not just a victim of unjust witchcraft accusation, but a human being full of life who was dearly loved and tragically lost.

For over two years, Caruso researched old land records from the town of Windsor, genealogical records, ship rosters, birth, death and marriage certificates along with many other historical documents, and was able to recreate a map for Backer Row specific to 1647, the Windsor neighborhood where Young was living. From there, the author’s research revealed many shocking discoveries.

susanne aspley
susanne aspley
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susanne aspley
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2015 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers in Creative Prose

2014 AIGA MN Design Award for I Know how to Ni Hao

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