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Short Review on a Short Story

Most bookheads in the Twin Cities already know that Allison Wyss, instructor extraordinaire at the Loft Literary Center, can teach. But what she really does best is write.

Her latest short story, When I see the Toad, published recently in Sundog Lit, shows us just that.

I reread the first sentence three times, just to make sure I got it. Yes, a horny witch really does stick a toad up her twat. And it gets better from there.

The pissy witch, Beth, does what many women do, struggle with men and food.

Wyss pulls us lyrically along, there is never a dull sentence. As the witch fusses over her well balanced meals, her interior monologue is charming, and outwardly ornery conversations with herself are nicely naughty.

I hope Wyss keeps going with more of her fairy tales, as fans of unruly literary would love to see a collection soon. Sisters Grimm indeed.

susanne aspley
susanne aspley
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susanne aspley
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2015 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers in Creative Prose

2014 AIGA MN Design Award for I Know how to Ni Hao

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